TV and radio complaints

The Swedish Broadcasting Commission, which is part of the Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority, is the independent regulatory authority in charge of supervising the implementation of Swedish broadcasting legislation. TV and radio programmes are regulated in the Swedish Radio and Television Act, and in the broadcasting licences issued to the broadcasting companies. In order for the regulations to be effective, a system of independent investigation is required.

The Commission carries out continuous investigations at its own initiative, but viewers and listeners may also contribute to the Commission's investigation by complaining when they see something on TV or hear a programme on radio that may be in violation of the rules. The Commission will only investigate already broadcasted programmes.

The Swedish Broadcasting Commission’s investigations

If the Swedish Broadcasting Commission suspects that a broadcast may have breached the rules, it will start an investigation. However, far from all complaints lead to an investigation. Many complaints will not lead to an investigation at all. Some cases will be decided on by the chair of the Commission, whilst others are brought before the whole Swedish Broadcasting Commission. Cases brought before the commission are often more complicated or important with regard to the rules and principles.

Last updated 12/6/2016