Community radio

Community radio is used by non-profit associations, and has existed since 1979. There are approximately 600 licence holders. Community radio is broadcast in 153 areas across the country. The broadcasting areas are usually limited to a municipality. In Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö, there are several community radio frequencies since there is a high number of associations in these areas.

How to apply for a licence

Any association that wants to broadcast community radio must apply for a licence with us. This licence is valid for three years, and all the licence holders share a frequency within the broadcasting area. A broadcasting area is normally a municipality but the Authority may decide to grant a larger area if there are special reasons to do so. A licence holder must be prepared to share their broadcasting hours if more than one association is licensed to broadcast in the same area. A licence to broadcast community radio can currently be issued to community radio associations, non-profit associations and religious organisations with ties to the broadcasting area.

When assessing whether a non-profit association or a religious organisation has a tie to the broadcasting area, we consider the location of the studio and other premises linked to the activities, the residence of the responsbible editor and board members, as well as the location where general meetings and board meetings are held.

The rules pertaining to licensing for community radio can be found in the Swedish Radio and Television Act, and are applicable for anyone applying for a licence. The community radio broadcasts must have a designation or name approved by us, and a responsible editor registered by us. 

Last updated 2/12/2019