Cable and IPTV

Cable TV and IPTV are distributed to the recipient via cables and broadband. These broadcasting formats require no licence; however, certain formats need to be registered with us.

What needs to be registered?

When it comes to cable TV and IPTV, as well as their distribution, there are two broadcasting formats: retransmission or original broadcast. Only the original broadcast needs to be registered.

Original broadcast

  • An original broadcast is transmitted directly from the source to the cable or IP network.
  • Original broadcasts may be broadcast by the network owner (e.g., Comhem) or by cable companies that have an agreement with the network owner. Local cable organisations can also be appointed to broadcast in the cable or IP network.
  • Original broadcasts must be registered with us.


  • A retransmission is a terrestrial or satellite broadcast that is retransmitted through the cable or IP network.
  • The broadcast is transmitted simultaneously with the terrestrial or satellite broadcast.
  • Most TV broadcasts that are distributed in the cable and IP networks are retransmissions.
  • Retransmissions do not need to be registered.

Broadcast designation

When you register an original broadcast you must also provide a name for it, i.e. a broadcast designation. The designation must be unique, so that viewers can identify the broadcaster.  

Responsible editor

The company or organisation responsible for the original broadcast must also appoint an responsible editor, and inform us of who it is. The editor is legally responsible for any freedom of expression violations that may occur during a broadcast.  

Last updated 12/6/2016