Applying for media subsidies

Media subsidsidies can be granted to general news media for local journalism as well as innovation and development. Media subsidies are only granted if funds are available.

The aim of the media subsibies is to strengthen democracy by promoting public access to independent news throughout the country via a multitude of general news media.

Media subsidies can be given to general news media whose primary duty is news coverage, and which also have editorial content consisting of regular and general news mediation comprising a broad range of subjects and perspectives, as well as scrutiny of developments of fundamental importance to democracy. Media subsidy are granted for local journalism in areas with poor journalistic coverage as well as innovation and development.

Subsidies for local journalism may be granted for initiatives relating to journalistic coverage of poorly covered areas. Whether an area is poorly covered shall be assessed based on the coverage of the area has in public news media and the areas geographical and population-related conditions for journalistic coverage. An area refers to a municipality or a part of one or more adjacent municipalities. A subsidy may not exceed SEK 1 million per area.

Innovation and development subsidies can be granted for work or preliminary studies concerning  

  1. Development of editorial material in digital channels
  2. Innovations and development in the field of digital channels,
  3. Development of digital business models.

Innovation and development subsidies is given in the form of project grants and may be approved for three years.  Subsidies may be granted for no more than 40 percent of the cost of an initiative or preliminary study. For initiatives of special importance to the national minorities, for children or young persons, or for persons with disabilities, subsidies may be granted for no more than 75 percent of the cost.

Last updated 3/8/2019