Applying for distribution subsidies

The purpose of distribution subsidies is to promote the cooperation between newspapers and to stimulate as widespread a distribution of daily newspapers as possible. Those newspapers that form part of the joint distribution may be granted distribution subsidies. The newspapers that are included in the joint distribution are subject to the equivalent price principle.

How do I apply for distribution subsidies?

If you represent a newspaper company that wishes to apply for distribution subsidies, you must fill in the form for applying for distribution subsidies (in swedish only).

If you wish to receive distribution subsidies for your newspaper, you must undertake to:

  • decline from undertaking your own distribution of a subsidised newspaper within all areas in which subsidy-supported joint distribution is available if it is started at a point in time when your own newspaper can be distributed together  with it, and
  • transfer all distribution work to the postal conveyance company or distribution company, respectively, for each area in which the newspaper takes part in subsidy-entitled joint distribution. 

How are distribution subsidies calculated?

You are eligible to receive a distribution subsidy for each subscribed copy of a daily newspaper:

  • whose edition is mainly paid for,
  • which has a subscription price that deviates by at most 25 per cent from the price newspapers cost in the category that the newspaper belongs to, and
  • which is distributed by a distribution company or by a conveyance company operated by an organisation that operates in a country postman structure or special newspaper distribution structures in which at least two newspaper companies take part.

The Media Subsidies Council pays subsidies to the distribution company on a monthly basis in arears to the distribution company which in turn conveys the subsidies to the newspaper.

Do you represent a distribution company and wish to apply to serve as an intermediary for distribution subsidies?

A distribution company that wishes to serve as an intermediary for distribution subsidies must fulfil certain conditions. Among others, the company must keep the joint distribution open to all daily newspapers that meet the above mentioned requirements. The distributions company shall also apply a pricing structure which means that the size of the individual newspaper’s subscription edition within the distribution area does not encroach upon the distribution charge per copy, the so-called equivalent price principle.

The Media Subsidies Council has made decisions on basic starting points and guidelines for application of the conditions governing distribution in the Media Subsidies Ordinance (1990:524). Further conditions concerning the distribution subsidies are to be found in Presstödsnämndens föreskrifter (KRFS 2014:2).

Last updated 3/8/2019