Applying for a press subsidy

Press subsidies are allocated by the Press Subsidies Council in order to promote the opportunities for diversity within the daily press. The purpose of press subsidies is to contribute towards multifaceted news distribution and the creation of public opinion and the widespread distribution of daily newspapers throughout the country. The Press Subsidies Council is part of the Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority

A company that publishes a daily newspaper which fulfils the set criteria for press subsidies may apply for a subsidy at the Authority. The Press Subsidies Council decides whether the subsidy can be granted.

The publication concerned must be a newspaper or publication of daily press character with regular news services or political opinion. It must normally be published at least once a week, have a content mainly written in Swedish and be mainly distributed within Sweden. It shall furthermore be published under a specific name and its own editorial content must constitute at least 55 percent of the total editorial content. Newspaper does not refer to a newspaper which is normally published once or twice a week and whose editorial content is mainly focused on special areas of interest or parts of society, such as trade and industry, business, consumer politics, environmental issues, sport, outdoor activities or matters related to the church and religion.

The newspaper shall have a minimum of 1 500 paying subscribers, unless the newspaper is aimed towards certain minority language groups.

There are three different forms of subsidies to the press

Operational subsidies are granted to printed newspapers or newpapers that are published in a digital format. The subsidies are based on the circulation and on how frequently the newspaper is published.

Distribution subsidies are granted for each published issue of a newspaper that participates in joint distribution. The subsidies are administered by a distribution company on a monthly basis in arrears.

Development subsidies is a possibility to give printed newspapers the prerequisites for a long-term development of electronic publication services with a high-quality editorial content. The overall purpose of development subsidies is to promote media diversity and democratic debate.

Last updated 12/13/2016