Applying for a press and media subsidy

Press and media subsidies are allocated by the Media Subsidies Council in order to promote the opportunities for diversity within the daily press and to strengthen democracy by promoting public access to independent news throughout the country. The Media Subsidies Council is part of the Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority.

There are four different forms of subsidies to the media

Operational subsidies are granted to printed newspapers or newspapers that are published in a digital format. The subsidies are based on the circulation and on how frequently the newspaper is published.

Distribution subsidies are granted for each published issue of a newspaper that participates in joint distribution. The subsidies are administered by a distribution company on a monthly basis in arrears.

Media subsidies can be given to general news media whose primary duty is news coverage, and which also have editorial content consisting of regular and general news mediation comprising a broad range of subjects and perspectives, as well as scrutiny of developments of fundamental importance to democracy. Media subsidy are granted for local journalism in areas with poor journalistic coverage as well as innovation and development.

Last updated 4/2/2019