Responsible editor

When you register or apply for a broadcasting licence for various radio and TV broadcasts or apply for a certificate of no legal impediment to publication (publication certificate), you will also need to appoint a responsible editor. That person must usually be registered with us as well. The editor is the person who is legally responsible for what is broadcast or published.

You must have a responsible editor

  • When you register a radio or TV broadcast 
  • When you apply for a radio or TV broadcasting licence
  • When you apply for a publication certificate for a database
  • When you are a mass medium and register a website

The editor’s responsibilities

The responsible editor is solely responsible if any violation of freedom of expression is committed in the broadcast, such as incitement to agitation against a population group, defamation, or insulting language. The editor must therefore have the right to decide on the content of the broadcast so that nothing is broadcast or published against their will. In other words, it must be practically possible for the editor to review what is to be broadcast. Even if the editor chooses to delegate some review to employees, it is always he/she who is solely responsible.