The Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority’s decision on license to broadcast television has been appealed

    The Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority’s (MPRT) decision on license to broadcast television and searchable teletext (ref. no. 19/02700) has been appealed by three broadcasting companies. The appeals apply to the programme services BBC Brit (BBC Studios Distribution Ltd), Boomerang (Turner Broadcasting System Europe Ltd) and Disney Junior and Disney Channel (The Walt Disney Company Ltd). The appeals have now been handed over to the Administrative court in Stockholm.

    After considered the appeals, the MPRT found no reason to change its decision.

    The appeals were submitted before the last date of appeal and the Authority has handed them over to the Administrative Court in Stockholm for review. The Authority has requested that the appeals be dealt with swiftly, considering that it concerns the freedom of speech, i.e. the broadcasters opportunity to broadcast television.

    What does an appeal mean for those who have received or not been granted a license?

    An appeal means that the decision, after a review in the administrative court may be changed to the advantage or disadvantage of one or more programme services, respectively.

    However, the Authority's decision on license to broadcast television applies immediately from the decision date. This means that the broadcasting companies can start broadcasting the 48 programme services that MPRT has granted licenses for from April 1, 2020, if the administrative court has not yet reviewed the appeals.

    If the right to broadcast a programme service expires on March 31, 2020, there is no right to continue broadcasting during the time the appeal proceedings are in progress.

    If you have any question, please contact

    Eva Bengtsson Åström, Legal Adviser,  eva.bengtsson@mprt.se

    Therese Köster, Deputy Head of Division, therese.koster@mprt.se

    Last updated 3/13/2020