New licences for commercial radio

    All 103 licences to broadcast commercial radio expires on 31 July 2018. It is now possible to apply for new licences at the Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority for the upcoming licence period 1 August 2018–31 July 2026. Three national broadcasting licences and 35 regional/local licences in 21 regional broadcasting areas are announced.

    The deadline for applying for national licenses is 21 September 2017 and the closing date for the regional / local license is 16 November 2017. The national licenses will be announced in the autumn and regional / local licenses before the end of 2017.


    On 1 August 2017, several changes to the Radio and Television Act (2010:696) came into force. One of the changes is that the Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority will decide on broadcasting areas based on what is good for competition and diversity. There is also changes to the regulations regarding how many licences a physical or legal entity may hold within a broadcasting area. It shall not be possible to hold more than one license in an area if it might affect competition in a negative way. Furthermore, the regulations regarding the transfer and revocation of licences has been amended, with the aim of promoting competition and diversity within commercial radio.

    Last updated 9/13/2017