If you are personally affected

If you feel you have been singled out and critized in a programme you can contact the broadcaster in question.

If you want to respond to criticism

Sveriges Radio, Sveriges Television and Utbildningsradion are required by their broadcasting licence to be impartial. This means that anyone who is clearly singled out and criticised must be given the opportunity to respond to the criticism. If you think you should be allowed to respond to criticism, you can contact the broadcaster in question. You can report the feature to the Swedish Broadcasting Commission if your wishes are not respected. If you also believe you have suffered adverse publicity because your privacy was infringed, you can contact the Media Ombudsman.

Infringement of privacy is investigated by the Media Ombudsman

If a programme infringe on your privacy, you can make a complaint to the Media Ombudsman. This is also the case if you feel personally insulted or singled out by anything published or broadcast online.