File a complaint

If you see or hear a programme that violates any of the rules and regulations applicable to TV and radio, you can send a complaint to us.

How to file a complaint

In order for the Commission to investigate your complaint, it must not be made anonymously. A complaint without a name and a valid e-mail address is considered to be anonymous, so please give this information.

To file a complaint you can send an email to: with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your e-mail and/or postal address
  • Channel/radio station
  • Program
  • Day of broadcast
  • Explanation why you want to file a complaint

You can also file a complaint by filling in the form on our website (In Swedish only).


  • Your complaint must not be made anonymously.
  • You cannot complain before the programme has been broadcasted. We will only examine already broadcasted programmes.
  • Several complaints will not give the case more weight. The number of complaints against a programme does not have an impact on the Commission's investigation or decision.

Who can complain?

We consider the audience to be of great help in the Commission's work to investigate broadcasted programmes. As a listener or viewer, you can complain about a radio or TV programme that you feel is in breach of the regulations. You can also file a complaint if you, as an individual, feel singled out in a programme, and the programme was a violation of your privacy. When it comes to invasion of privacy, it is only the natural or legal person in question that can file a complaint.

Last updated 12/6/2016