Web TV and Web Radio

These are TV or radio webcasts. As with traditional linear television or radio, the broadcaster decides when the broadcast starts and ends.

These may be live broadcasts or prerecorded programmes. This is really the same thing for people watching and listening, the only difference is that you watch and listen online instead of on your TV or radio. However, different rules apply to regular broadcasting and webcasting as far as the broadcaster is concerned. No licence is required from us, but webcasts must be registered with us.

Webcasts to be registered

Webcasting from events has become increasingly common. This could involve companies, churches or associations that want to reach their visitors on various platforms such as their website, Facebook or YouTube, for example. Some of these webcasts have to be registered with us.

You must register your webcast with us if:

  • Your broadcast is aimed at the general public.
  • You broadcast a programme live.
  • You broadcast a prerecorded programme at a set time.

The difference between web TV/radio and video-on-demand/podcasts

Web TV/web radio: The broadcaster decides when the broadcast starts or ends. Similar to traditional linear TV or radio broadcasting in the FM band.

Video-on-demand/podcasts: The viewer/listener decides what they want to watch/listen to and when. The programmes are selected from a catalogue.