Podcasts is a streaming media service that makes it possible to download audio files to computers and mobiles. You as a listener can choose when, how and where the listening takes place. Podcasts does not require a licence and you do not need to register with us.

The content of podcasts is not regulated in the Swedish Radio and Television Act. Regulations regarding, for example, advertising therefore do not apply to the content of podcast radio. If the content is also broadcasted live or according to a schedule, the content of these broadcasts are covered by the rules in the Swedish Radio and Television Act.

The difference between web TV/radio and video-on-demand/podcasts

Web TV/web radio: The broadcaster decides when the broadcast starts or ends. Similar to traditional linear TV or radio broadcasting in the FM band.

Video-on-demand/podcasts: The viewer/listener decides what they want to watch/listen to and when. The programmes are selected from a catalogue.