Satellite TV

With satellite TV, the TV signal is transmitted to the receiver via a satellite in space and received via a satellite dish. Satellite broadcasts do not require a licence, but some broadcasters needs to register with us.

The satellite dish can be used by you alone or shared between several households. The number of channels is greater compared to the limited space available for terrestrial TV, and there are more channels broadcasting in HD quality. Satellite broadcasts do not require a licence, but broadcasters established in Sweden and broadcasting via satellite need to register their broadcasts with us if they can be received in any EEA country*. Allente is one of the major distributors of satellite TV in Sweden.

*EEA – European Economic Area

Satellite transmissions to be registered

You must register your broadcast if your company is established in Sweden and broadcasts via satellite and the signal can be received in any country in the EEA.

How to register a satellite broadcast

You can use our e-service to register your broadcast for free. This is what you have to do:

  • Register your broadcast.
  • Enter the name of the broadcast.
  • Submit requested documents such as certificates of incorporation for organisations.

Please note that the name of your broadcast must be unique and that you have to register the change with us if you change the name of the broadcast. The e-service provides more information about how to register and which documents to submit

To e-services

Publishers for satellite broadcasts

All broadcasters who register satellite broadcasts with us are required to appoint a publisher. However, we do not need to be notified of the publisher; broadcasters themselves have to keep records of their publishers.