Analogue commercial radio

Analogue commercial radio consists of radio channels that broadcast in analogue technology in the terrestrial FM band and are financed by advertising. You need an ordinary radio to listen to radio channels on the FM network. Rix FM, Mix Megapol and NRJ are all examples of commercial radio channels.

The frequency capacity for analogue commercial radio in the FM band is limited. A licence is therefore required from us. This licence specifies the area in which your radio channel is allowed to broadcast. Every eight years, broadcasters with the technical and financial capacity to do so may apply for licences for their radio channels. Radio channels can apply for either a national coverage licence or a regional coverage licence. Three radio channels have national licences at present, and 35 channels have regional licences. The current licences are valid for the period 1 August 2018 – 31 July 2026.

Facts – Analogue Commercial Radio in Sweden

  • Number of national licences: 3
  • Number of regional/local licences: 35

Besides the commercial radio channels, the public service broadcasters’ non-commercial radio channels are also available in the terrestrial network. However, these channels are licensed by the Government.