Digital commercial radio

Anyone who wants to broadcast digital commercial radio must apply for a licence with us when such is advertised. A licence to broadcast digital commercial radio entails the right to broadcast a programming service (channel) within the broadcasting area specified in the licence. In an application process, you submit your application to the Authority, which then assesses it based on the criteria stated in the Swedish Radio and Television Act.

How to apply for a licence

Licences to broadcast digital commercial licences are normally valid for eight years. When such a period expires, there is a new application process in which broadcasters can apply for licences. The announcement of licences can also take place during an ongoing licence period, if there is frequency space available.

In addition to the obligation for broadcasters to have the technical and financial resources to be able to broadcast throughout the licence period, we shall take into consideration whether the broadcasting space is used

  • for different programming services so that the broadcasts will appeal to a variety of interests and tastes;
  • for both national, local and regional programme services; and
  • by several independent broadcasters.

A licence to broadcast commercial radio can be transferred to another operator following our approval.

Last updated 12/6/2016