Database registration

Traditional mass media companies may have an automatic constitutional protection for their databases and must then inform the Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority of a responsible editor and the name of the database. A website may, for example, constitute a database.

How to register your database

If your database or website is covered by the automatic constitutional protection, you should register it and its editor with us. 


  • The name should include the website's domain name, for example tvportalen and If the database is available at several domain addresses, it is sufficient that one of them is indicated in the name. We do not assess whether the name is confusingly similar to that of previously registered databases.
  • The editor must be at least 18 years old, and a registered resident of Sweden. 
  • We will not assess whether the database is covered by the automatic constitutional protection, this is an assessment that you must make when submitting the registration.

What is a database?

In the Swedish constitution, the term "database" does not refer to the technical concept, but rather to a coherent product published on the Internet. A website may, for example, constitute a database.

Why should I register my database?

A mass media company that operates a database, and which fulfils the criteria for automatic constitutional protection, is obligated to register their database with us.

What is a mass media company?

The following are considered mass media companies:

  • Editorial offices of printed periodicals
  • Editorial offices of radio and TV
  • Printing companies
  • Book and music publishers
  • News agencies

When does a database have constitutional protection?

For a database (such as a website or app) to be covered by the constitutional protection, the database must:

  • be accessible to the general public
  • be provided on special request 
  • be well-defined and appearing as a coherent product, for example, through a uniform design
  • have a content that can only be changed by the editorial office.

Discussion forums, article comments, guest books and similar items, which are not moderated in advance, are not subject to constitutional protection and must be separated from the rest of the content of the website.

Last updated 4/11/2019