New licenses for terrestrial television 2020

All licenses for broadcasting terrestrial television will expire on March 31, 2020. During the autumn of 2019, The Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority (MPRT) will start a new application process where broadcasting companies can apply for licences. We have now developed a strategy that describes the Authority's starting points for and focus on the work with broadcasting licenses for terrestrial television.

Main positions in the strategy

The main positions are as follows:

  • Allocated spectrum should be used for television broadcasts.
  • Available spectrum should be subject to licensing as soon as possible.
  • At least three multiplexes shall use the more efficient broadcasting technology DVB-T2. The other multiplexes may migrate during the license period. Such a transition must take place if it is necessary for frequency technical reasons or if it is appropriate from a clear consumer perspective that such a transition takes place.
  • Opportunity should be given to apply for licenses for both HDTV as SDTV at upcoming licensing processes.
  • Parallel broadcasts in SD and HD quality may to a limited extent be justified by the interest of consumers.
  • It should be possible to apply for licenses to broadcast local and regional program services at upcoming licensing processes.


In connection with the strategy, we have also reviewed our regulations and the new regulations came into force in June 2019.

Application process in the autumn 2019

The announcement of licences will take place during early autumn and the application period will be approximately 5 weeks. As with previous license rounds, the applicant must show that the company has financial and technical prerequisites to conduct broadcast and is prepared to cooperate with other license holders on technical issues. Furthermore, the applicant must present what kind of programme content it intends to broadcast.

The licences will be valid from April 1, 2020

We aim to decide on licenses in December 2019. Before deciding, we consult with the Competition Authority and the National Post and Telecom Agency on competition issues. The licences will be valid from April 1, 2020.

If you have any questions, please contact

Georg Lagerberg, Head of Division,
Eva Bengtsson Åström, or
Therese Köster,

You can also reach us by phone  +46 8 580 070 00                            

Last updated 8/14/2019