Online TV

Broadcasting online TV requires no licence, but certain types of broadcasts must be registered with us.

Which broadcasts need to be registered?

Online broadcasts, intended for the general public, that need to be registered are:

  • Live streaming
  • Playback at times decided by the broadcaster.

These broadcasts may automatically be covered by the protection of the Fundamental Law on Freedom of Expression and the regulations in the Radio and Television Act that pertain to issues such as advertising, in the same manner as traditional TV transmissions.

Which broadcasts do not need to be registered?

Broadcast that do not fit into one of the three categories above do not need to be registered. Other services online may instead be subject to the regulations for on-demand TV. Read  more about on-demand TV here

Broadcast designation

If your broadcast needs to be registered, you must also provide a name for it, i.e. a broadcast designation. The designation must be unique, so that viewers can identify the broadcaster.

Responsible editor

If you have a broadcast that needs to be registered, you must also name a responsible editor and notify us that you have done so. The editor is legally responsible if freedom of expression violations such as incitement to racial hatred, defamation or insulting conduct are committed during a broadcast.

Last updated 1/30/2017