About us

    The Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority is a government agency under the Ministry of Culture. The goal of the media policy is to support freedom of expression, diversity, mass media independence and accessibility as well as to counter the harmful effects of the media.

    What is the Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority?

    We are the broadcasting regulator in Sweden. We make decisions regarding press subsidies to newspapers, licenses, fees and registration for radio and television, as well as supervising radio and television broadcasts, on-demand services and teletext.

    The Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority is the decision-making body on issues relating to publishing certificates in accordance with the Fundamental Law on Freedom of Expression. We also monitor and disseminate information on developments within the media. The Authority operates under Acts of Parliament, including in particular the Swedish Radio and Television Act.

    Our vision

    Our vision is to promote a media landscape that is open, comprehensive and responsible. With open, we mean a media landscape, marked by many competing players and availability. With comprehensive we mean a media landscape which contains a wide variety that caters different interests and tastes. We contribute to this through our licensing, press subsidies and by decisions about accessibility. With responsibility, we mean a media landscape where players take responsibility to follow applicable content rules and other conditions. We contribute to this by increasing awareness of and respect for the rules by our supervisory and information to operators.


    There are about 35 employees at the Authority, Within the Authority there are also two independent decision-making bodies: the Swedish Broadcasting Comission and the Press Subsidies Council.

    Advisory Council

    The Advisory Council, task is to practice transparency and to give authority chief counsel. It meets the need of a democratic transparency and citizen influence. The Council has no decision-making powers – the members only provide knowledge and experience. The members are commissioned by the Government and appointed for three years at a time.

    Last updated 12/6/2016