Contact the broadcasting companies

Before you contact us at the Authority, it might be better if you first contact the broadcasting company. This may be the case when you wish to have information corrected in a programme, or when you wish to express an opinion regarding a programme that the Swedish Broadcasting Commission not are obliged to investigate.

Do you wish to have information corrected?

If you feel that information in a programme needs to be corrected, or that you should have a chance to respond to criticism, you should promptly contact the broadcaster. If your requests are not met, you can turn to the Swedish Broadcasting Commission to make a complaint.

What do the broadcasting companies do with the Commission's decision?

If you want to know more about what the broadcasting companies do with the Commission's decisions, and how they view the broadcasting regulations, you can contact their programming offices. SVT, SR and UR all have programming offices that deal with the cases examined by the Commission.

Broadcasting company contact information

Programbolag Telefon Webbplats
Sveriges Television (SVT) +46 8-784 00 00
Sveriges Radio (SR) +46 8-784 50 00
Sveriges Utbildningsradio (UR) +46 8-784 40 00
TV4 +46 8-459 40 00

Would you like to give your opinion to the broadcasting companies?

Certain matters will not be investigated by the Commission, such as questions relating to personal preferences and taste. Nor is it the task of the Commission to assess the quality of programmes. If you have complaints relating to this type of issue, you should address them directly to the broadcasting companies.

Contact information for the broadcasting companies viewer and listener services

Programbolag Telefon E-post
Sveriges Television Tittarservice +46 8-784 20 00 tittarservice
Sveriges Radio Lyssnarservice +46 8-784 84 84
TV4:s Tittarombudsman +46 20-44 44 44


Last updated 12/6/2016