Apply for operation subsidies

You may apply for operational subsidies for both existing newspapers as well as new ones. It is the Press Subsidies Council that decides if a subsidie should be granted.

How do I apply for operational subsidies for a new newspaper?

It is possible to apply for operational subsidies for a newly-started company throughout the whole year. The Media Subsidies Council decides on whether the newspaper is entitled to receive subsidies.

You apply for operational subsidies via our portal for application (in swedish only). Complete the forms and enclose the required documents. 

In connection with the application you must also:

  • Estimate the annual operating expenses for the publication of the newspaper. The subsidies may only constitute certain proportions of the operating expenses (40 or 75 per cent depending on the publication frequency). The newspaper shall report the actual expenses it had for the publication of the newspaper. This information shall be reviewed by an authorised or approved auditor.
  • Measure the newspaper circulation and the coverage over a period of at least six months. These measurements shall be made by an independent player, who has been approved by the Council. The information shall be compiled on a certificate with which the application is to be supplemented. During the measurement period, the newspaper shall be continuously sent to the Authority.

If the Media Subsidies Council grants a new newspaper subsidies, the subsidies shall be paid out retroactively for the period in which the newspaper is published, and subsequently monthly in advance for the remaining part of the year. For coming years, the newspaper must make new applications.

The Media Subsidies Council makes decisions in two rounds: a preliminary decision based on the estimated operating expenses and a final decision based on the actual expenses.

How to apply for operation subsidies for an existing newspaper?

This applies if the newspaper has received subsidies previously or if the newspaper already exists  but has not received subsidies earlier.

The applications are made on special forms and submitted to the Authority in October. A preliminary decision on subsidies is made by the Council in December or in February for the upcoming year, this is depending on which measuring period the newspaper has chosen.

In May, the newspaper shall submit information on the operating expenses it has incurred for publication the previous year. The subsidies may only amount to a certain proportion of the operating expenses (40 or 75 per cent, depending on the frequency of publication).

A final decision on operation subsidies will be made by the Media Subsidies Council in September for the current year.

Newspapers that have received subsidies in previous years shall apply annually for support and the support shall is based on the circulation the newspaper had the year before. The circulation and coverage etc. are measured over the period January to September.

How to make changes in publication?

The decisions made by the Media Subsidies Council apply provided that the conditions are the same as they were at the time the decision was made. If, for example, the newspaper publication frequency is changed, or the newspaper changes its title or its owner, the Authority must be informed accordingly. In certain cases, this could require a new decision to be made by the Council.

A change in the newspapers publication frequency can affect the payment of subsidies. If the newspaper is published in a smaller number of editions per week, no subsidies will be paid during the measuring period, which shall be at least six months. The subsidy payments will be made retroactively provided the newspaper fulfils the subsequent requirements. If a newspaper is published in more editions per week, it will retain its subsidies throughout the measuring period. After this, subsidies will be paid retroactively for the period provided the newspaper is entitled to receive further subsidies.

Last updated 3/8/2019